Policy & Advocacy

Michigan Primary Care Association got its beginnings in 1978 as the Michigan Association of Rural Health Care (MARHC), a networking organization of Health Centers and stakeholders interested in fostering primary care in rural underserved communities across the state. With the realization that urban communities also had great health care needs, the Association broadened its scope to include urban Michigan communities as well. To better reflect this broadened scope, MARHC changed its name to Michigan Primary Care Association (MPCA), which incorporated in 1981. The members of MPCA recognized the benefit of a statewide advocacy organization as Health Centers faced the political realities of the impending Reagan years.


Today 45 Health Center organizations provide quality, affordable, comprehensive primary and preventive health care for more than 650,000 Michigan residents at over 260 sites located in both rural and urban communities across the state.


MPCA Mission

MPCA's mission is to promote, support, and develop comprehensive, accessible, and affordable community-based health care services to everyone in Michigan.


MPCA Vision

To build a healthy society in which all residents have convenient and affordable access to quality health care. MPCA will be a leader in influencing health care policy, legislation, and regulation fostering comprehensive, community governed, quality care that ensures excellent health and quality of life for all residents of the United States.