Your Voices Were Heard

With all that has happened relative to the "repeal and replace" of the Affordable Care Act over the course of the last three weeks, we must take time to reflect on what we've accomplished as a movement. 

After the Congressional Budget Office released its report detailing how 24 million more Americans would become uninsured as a result of the proposed American Health Care Act, millions of grassroots advocates -- just like you -- made your voices heard and successfully help to get Congressional leaders to press the pause button in order to regroup and come up with a better idea.

Then, with the looming Health Center Funding Cliff just months away, grassroots advocates from across the state of Michigan arrived in Washington, D.C., to demonstrate to our Congressional delegation just why it's important to #ValueCHCs. As a result of your efforts and all of you back here in Michigan that called and emailed your members of Congress, eight members of the House of Representatives (including both freshman) and both U.S. Senators signed onto the Dear Colleagues letters in support of Health Center funding. 

While we cannot rest on our laurels, we should take a moment to breathe and reflect on how our collective voice can make an impact. We will need you more in the coming months to help address the funding issue as well as continue advocating for underserved communities and populations. 

But for now, from all of us at MPCA, thank you for your hard work and commitment to making a difference. Your voices were heard.

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  • Ryan Grinnell-Ackerman